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Coffee Curious - Coffee Tasting Kit

Coffee Curious - Coffee Tasting Kit

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Looking to upgrade from the grocery shelf coffee but not sure where to start? You've probably had a beer or wine flights but have you ever tasted coffees? Try 4 cups of different coffees designed into two educational experiences with the Coffee Curious Home Tasting Kit. 

You'll navigate, compare, and learn all about the foundations of coffee with NO DECAF ALLOWED's Coffee Curious at home tasting kit. The experts taste multiple coffees against each other every day and it's a technique that can be done by you, at the comfort of your own home! This kit offers two tasting experiences where you can brew, drink, and learn all things COFFEE. 

Discover a new experience that includes your taste buds and caffeine cravings!

The NO DECAF ALLOWED Coffee Curious - Home Coffee Tasting Kit includes:

  • Classic Diner Mug
    • EXPERIENCE 1: Roast Levels, Light vs. Dark
      • Taste the bold flavors and smell the aromas as you sip on two different blends.
    • EXPERIENCE 2: The Origin
      • Get back to the basics by learning about coffee origins and tasting two different coffees from around the world.
    • Each Home Coffee Tasting Kit comes with: four 15-gram coffee packets (two packets for the origin experience, two packets for the roast level experience) with respective tutorials. 

Whether you enjoy having a ‘Wellness Day’ or are looking for a unique experience to gift someone in your life –– the Coffee Curious Experience is the perfect pick-me-up. And, what better way to get going than an origin(al) java experience to heighten one's senses.

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