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What is honey process coffee?

If you see a bag that says Honey Process Coffee, grab it.  

What exactly is honey process coffee? 

This is a unique process of coffee that roasters rarely have. Honey process simply explains the method in which the coffee cherries are picked and sorted. The big differentiator - the cherries are dried without washing away the exterior layer of the coffee cherry. Removing the washing step allows for the coffee to spend less time in water. Honey process coffee requires less fermentation time. 

It's said to have originated in Costa Rica, a coffee community heavily focused in sustainable coffee farming and tourism. Using less water than the other types of process coffee gets the green stamp of eco-friendly from everyone! 

And no, there's no honey in the coffee.

The name of the process derives from the sticky outside layer of the fruit. Honey process coffee has a taste profile that includes brown sugar, spices, woody, nutty, and hints of chocolate. 

Where can I find a honey process coffee?

We have a limited quality of The Lost Bean Honey Honduras Coffee. Hope you get a chance to brew one of our newest Notable collections for September! It's the rarest of coffee beans, but our local favorite, The Lost Bean Coffee Roasters brings us some delicious coffee from Finca Liquidámbar, owned by Roberto and his family.

Fun fact - what's unique about Finca Liquidámbar is that it will be recognized as a biological reserve. Being a community staple of La Paz, Honduras, Finca Liquidámbar continue to strive to become a destination for tourism as well as provide year-round employment. 

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