Notable - Special Edition Coffees - September 2021

Welcome to Notable, a line of the most premium coffees our roasters have to offer. These are special edition, rare varieties, limited quantity micro-lots. It's what the top roasters are seeking out for their own brew.

Our September Box selection is:  

The Lost Bean's Honey Process Honduras -  This coffee stands out among the rest because of the way it's processed. During the fermenting and drying phase of the honey process, there is more of the original parchment on the seed so the coffee absorbs more sugars and sweetness from the fruit. 

This coffee is certified fair trade and organic from Finca Liquidambar, a 37 acre farm ran by Roberto Rene González as a single farm micro lot. 

Meet Roberto at Finca Liquidámbar:

This Honduras FTO Finca Liquidambar Yellow Honey Grainpro is produced by Roberto Rene González and milled as a single farm micro-lot at RAOS (Cooperativa Regional de Agricultores Orgánicos de la Sierra) where Roberto is a member and the general manager. Roberto and his family own a 37 acre farm called Finca Liquidámbar located in the community of Guascotoro within the municipality of San Jose in the department of La Paz, Honduras. Roberto was one of the first in his community to earn a university degree. After graduating with a degree in business management, Roberto returned home to manage RAOS and to help his family run the coffee farm. Roberto is currently working to get 19 acres of his farm formally recognized as a biological reserve. The goal is for the reserve to become a destination for tourism in the area. Finca Liquidámbar provides year-round employment to 7 people and another 30 people during the harvest. Roberto, his wife Odalma and their two children partner with local schools and local organizations for road improvements and youth activities.