Strengthen your team’s connection with virtual coffee/ tea experiences

Discover a creative way to bond teams, new and old

Jumpstart your team with a virtual experience of coffee or tea tastings

Single origin coffee from specialty roasters

Discover coffee’s journey from farm to cup

Develop a sensory tasting

Share a perfect cup together 

NO DECAF ALLOWED will provide an end-to-end delivery, from sourcing and packaging the experience kits to final virtual delivery by one of our highly knowledgeable trainers. The coffee kits will revolve around making two pour-overs with a Hario V60 funnel, one of the most common and loved pour over methods from the oldest currently operating glass factory in Japan. Tea kits will include a diffuser and three different loose leaf teas that participants can continue to taste and evaluate teas

A Hario V60 is a global barista standard in pour over funnels. And when paired with their world class filters, few cups of coffee can rival those. Produced by Japan's oldest continuously operating heatproof glass factory, the spiral ribs on the funnel are recognizable by baristas everywhere.

Keep ‘em coming

Experience seasonal offerings from different specialty roasters and schedule regular virtual experiences to keep your teams caffeinated.

Taste like a professional 

Elevate your coffee tasting experiences with coffee tastings from different roasters.


Elevate your team bonding experiences with coffee!