No Decaf Allowed Coffee Subscription

At NO DECAF ALLOWED we believe "Variety is the Spice of Life" and what better way to introduce some variety in your life than with your morning brew. Founded by Data Scientists, we are the first subscription company using predictive analytics to recommend better coffees to our subscribers. Netflix did it with media, Stitch Fix with clothes, now NO DECAF ALLOWED with coffee.

You don't know what your favorite flavor profiles are? Want to order coffee online but it would be nice to at least smell it first? Just tell us what other coffees you like and we can find one we know you will love! Never run out of coffee again, enjoy a great variety and put your coffee ordering on autopilot! 


Students uniting over piping hot coffee between MBA classes at the University of California - Irvine (Zot Zot). The four of us would sit outside, enjoy friendly banter, and talk up each of our favorite roasters, each nostalgic for that one perfect hometown roast.

Before long, NO DECAF ALLOWED was born. We shared a common dream of leveraging our talents to rotate our favorite coffee roasts online… recommended by our algorithm, an experienced team of caffeinators, and a deep desire to share the coffee we loved with the people we cared about most.



A sailor and a coffee lover Jim is a data scientist by trade having graduated Northwestern with a masters in predictive analytics. He wanted an easy way to get his coffee every morning and was not satisfied with the quality of the other subscription services out there so he too matters into his own hands and the idea for NO DECAF ALLOWED was born. He did steal the name from his Wife's coffee blog that she had since abandoned so big shout-out to Carrie.




 Typically 4-6 cups a day, you can say CJ is an enthusiastic, caffeine-inspired creative. CJ studied history and languages as an undergraduate at UCLA and found a passion for storytelling through user experience and brand marketing. She believes coffee is a daily ritual and NO DECAF ALLOWED was a solution to her high-consumption of coffee. CJ's a lover of true crime podcasts, stationery paper, and coffee brewing equipment.


 JIT M. 

 He is an engineer by trade but loves the operations world. What runs the operations world? COFFEE. He was not satisfied starting the day with mediocre, cafeteria coffee and finding delicious and quality coffee was so cumbersome. When he met his classmates in his MBA program, all of them had the same issue with finding good coffee and that is how NO DECAF ALLOWED started! As a life-long student and engineer, coffee runs in his veins.