NO DECAF ALLOWED Polymailers- Sustainable Coffee Delivery

Why we ship coffee in reusable poly mailers

If you've been following our journey, you would recognize our beloved matte black cardboard NO DECAF ALLOWED boxes. As much as we love the matte vibes,  it didn't align with our efforts to become sustainable. Sometimes aesthetics aren't the priority. We're taking small steps to sustainable business practices and changing up how we ship you coffee.

Why we moved to reusable recyclable bags:

It definitely wasn't an overnight decision. It was a thoughtful process driven by a big interest in reducing our plastic consumption.

Here's what we learned about reusable poly mailers:

  1. Recyclable material - we're proud to use the world's most sustainable poly mailer. It's made with 100% recycled material and 50% post-consumer content.
  2. Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse - with poly mailers, the vendors and consumers can all participate in reducing plastic.  It's easily recyclable!
  3. Get creative and Reuse - each poly mailer has a reusable tear strip. You can reuse the poly mailer to ship, collect, stash, just about anything! The strong recyclable material make the poly mailer perfect to store and reuse.
Coffee Subscription mailed via USPS

As a coffee consumer, there are many ways you can create sustainable coffee rituals in your routine. Here are ways to reduce and reuse:

  • Coffee filter - replace your paper with a coffee sock. Coffee filters can be reusable and made out of 100% cotton, working similar to a paper filter even during a pour-over! 
  • Coffee mug - bring your traveler's mug or favorite travel mug to your coffee shop or roaster. 
  • Brew coffee at home - the obvious one! With our coffee subscription, you can easily have coffee delivered and never run out of coffee! 

Share with us your favorite ways to bring sustainability into your coffee routine! 

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