NO DECAF ALLOWED Coffee Preferences by Roast Type

What’s the Difference? Light, Medium, & Dark Coffee Roasts

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’ve set and achieved ambitious goals. You look back on your life reflecting on all the coffee you’ve ever been served… you’ve ever made yourself. The office coffee isn’t cutting it. You know how much better coffee can be. You can still smell that last great cup of coffee and you still remember how it made you feel.

This guide will help get you started ordering of premium coffee beans. Coffee is a long & beautiful journey. Mix it up, try them all, experiment. Pick a favorite, then watch your preferences evolve. Enjoy the coffee.




Light roasts provide complex flavor experiences and coffee rich in antioxidants, caffeine, and acidity. Most importantly, a short roast time time preserves the original full flavor profile of the coffee beans.

A light roast is removed from the roaster the moment the beans first make an audible pop sound, near an internal temperature of 385F. The coffee world refers to this as the “first crack.” Most of the NDA team prefers the light roast, so you can be sure we’ll recommend a good one.



The medium roast remains in the roaster longer to achieve a higher internal temperature. Medium roasts are the ideal middle-ground between full body and rich flavor. If you’re here for the antioxidants, this is where they’re found.

Medium roasts can be removed from the roaster immediately after the first crack or just before the second, near 420F.



Dark roasted coffee is dramatically different from its counterparts providing lower acidity and caffeine levels. If you like a strong, often smokey & bitter, coffee experience—this is for you. As you open your first bag, let the broad aroma prepare you for what’s next: a full body experience.

Dark beans are left in the roaster at least until the second crack or popping occurs. These beans have the longest roasting time and can reach an internal temperature of 440F. Drink them daily or when you’re in the mood, have a bag ready when the moment hits.

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