The original diner mug

The original diner mug

The blinking neon Open sign in the window almost blinds you. As you open the door to the diner, the shrill ringing of the bell rings in your grand entrance. It's early in the morning and you're looking for any sign of life. "Coffee, please." The server yells over the counter, "Alright, heard you." You find a booth in the corner. The leather seats squeak as you slide over. She brings over a thick mug and pours in piping hot coffee. You wrap your fingers around the curved sides of the warmed mug. The weight of the mug keeps your hands grounded. Every lift up to your mouth is calculated and its hot, syrupy, black taste wakes you up immediately. 

Ok, we can't promise you a warm diner-style welcome with your diner mug, but this will sure bring a nostalgic presence to your mug collection. The nostalgic diner mug is actually named after the Victor mug. Originally from New York, this mug was produced by a factory originally making ceramic insulators for telegraph lines. They expanded their business to produce food service tableware. 

We think a number of qualities contributed to the timeless diner stable. Its significant weight made it a sturdy, reliable in restaurants. It didn't always remain popular and it's original shape has certainly changed. A funny observation of the original diner mug is the handle was small and made for small hands. It was for the best. We can now comfortably hold the diner mug with a strong grip and with more than one finger. We're glad it's back and hopefully here to stay. 

Quite possibly our most popular item to gift! The Diner Mug will always have a place in our hearts. We think everyone agrees. Simply search  #coffeemugsofinstagram to find an endless stream of mugs honoring the original diner mug.

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