Summertime, Summer Blends

Summer is here! Let's take advantage of these summer months soaking up the sun, enjoying longer days, and brewing summer blends. We're here to bring you the seasonal specialties which allow us to brew all the bests of summer flavors in a single cup. We're enjoying a recent summer blend from one of our roasters, MoonGoat Coffee Roasters from Costa Mesa, California. David Yardley from MoonGoat breaks down summer blends for us!

What is a summer blend?
It's a blend of coffees that you can drink in the warmer months and gives you the feelings of lightness rather than warming! We blend ours to be great cold and to be reminiscent of flavors you often enjoy iced! Lime, Cherry, and lots of brightness!
Why is it seasonal?
Because coffee is seasonal! Summertime is the time when you have ripe cherries on the grocery store shelf and when the first of some of the Southern Hemispheres great coffees are available to us, namely JAVA and Naturals from Deep South America!
Summer in a cup?
25g-400g for a pour over for sure! Or if you are feeling adventurous 25g-250g hot water and 150g ice in the decanter for an amazing iced coffee!  Here's a failproof recipe for a summer iced coffee: 


Gather the gear:

  • A pour-over coffee maker - Hariov60 is perfect 
  • Coffee or kitchen scale
  • 30g med-fine ground coffee (Remember, you'll want a grind that's finer than you would usually use for a pour-over.)
  • A carafe - Can't go wrong with Hario, again
  • Paper filters
  • 200g of ice
  • 300ml hot water

The recipe works off a ratio of 60g of coffee per liter of water. Adjust to your tastes. Generally, you need 40% ice to 60% water.


  1. Wet the filter paper and place in pour-over.

  2. Measure ice using the scales and put into the jug.

  3. Place pour-over on top of the jug.

  4. Put the ground coffee into the paper filter.

  5. Put jug and pour-over on top of the scales – this allows you to measure how much water you’re using.

  6. Pour 30g of water over the coffee and allow to bloom. Stir the bloom so all the coffee is wet. Leave for 30 seconds.

  7. Slowly pour-over the rest of the hot water. Try and drag this out for two and a half minutes in order to maximize flavor extracted from the grinds. The coffee will melt the ice as it drips down.

  8. At the end of the two and half minutes give the brew a quick stir to help any last water through.

  9. Swirl the jug around to melt the ice. Serve in a glass over new ice and enjoy!

 Happy Brewing! 

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