What's so special about specialty coffee?

What's so special about specialty coffee?

If you're new to coffee, you've come across the term "specialty coffee." You're probably thinking coffee shop lattes with avocado toasts, but specialty coffee actually describes the quality and process that coffee production goes through to get from the bean to your cup.

The Bean: Coffee roasters work with farms to choose the best coffees to source. They pride themselves in the selection process as well as the relationships they develop with these farmers. Farmers, roasters, and local communities are working together to achieve extraordinary coffee. Shout out to our roasters who make this look effortless!

The Cup: The beauty behind this coffee is the depth of flavors. You're really going to get the most out of your cup with the brewing methods that extract and embolden those flavors. See if you can taste the floral or fruity notes. 

The Difference: You're not going to find these coffee beans at your local grocery store. And hunting down bags at coffee shops can be exhausting. The best way to tell is your coffee beans will be transparent with its origin. Specialty coffee prides itself in connecting drinkers with the community. 

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