NDA Recipe: How to Make the BEST Cold Brew at Home

NDA Recipe: How to Make the BEST Cold Brew at Home

Say goodbye to expensive, watered down coffee. Making cold brew at home is quick, saves you money, & tastes SO MUCH better than your post-lunch drive through pick-me-up. We invite you to play with this recipe to make it unapologetically yours.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Brew Time: 16 hours

Pro Science Tip - Since we’re not using hot water, super acidic oils aren’t going to be released into the coffee… making this recipe about 60% less acidic than traditional drip coffee (try a dark roast for even less acidity). Cold brew is a victory for those with sensitive tummies.


What You’ll Need:

The Process:

  1. Grind 4-5 ounces of whole beans into a course ground to make 1/2 gallon of cold brew.

  2. Pour your freshly ground coffee into the strainer bag.

  3. Seal and place the strainer bag into your liquid container.

    (Tip: keep the end of the bag out of the water to prevent grounds from floating into your water)

  4. Cover and let brew for 16 hours.

  5. Remove your bag or filter and squeeze out any excess cold brew BACK into the container.

  6. Pour out a serving, fix your favorite creamer/sweetener concoction… or enjoy it black!


You did it! So as you can see, it’s super simple — the biggest ingredient is just your time. Brew it once, and enjoy all week long. You won’t get cold brew in an hour. But once you do get it…oh my god. It’s so good! And so satisfying to make your own. It’s very smooth, not super acidic like regular drip coffee, and you can play around with the different proportions to make it taste exactly how you want it.

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