Brewing Coffee In The Great Outdoors


Something we've been obsessed with... enjoying our coffee outside! We're back to the basics when it comes to life's simple pleasures. Fresh air, sunshine, and some freshly brewed coffee.

Summer is here and with travel restrictions, many of us are looking for destinations to take us away from the daily grind. It's as easy as getting in the car and going somewhere! But before we head to our favorite destination, let's not forget the essentials - coffee, coffee, coffee!

Sounds great until you remember you're outside the comfort of your kitchen and electricity. That's no problem! Here are some easy coffee tools we would take with us. 

Aeropress - Rapid yet robust 

We like:
How we brew:
Put an Aeropress filter in the bottom cap before tightening it onto your press. Put two tablespoons of coffee into the larger tube of the press, then set it on top of your mug. Boil water, then let it cool slightly before pouring into the chamber. Use the paddle to stir your grounds and water for a few seconds. Insert the plunger into the chamber and slowly press down until you can’t go any farther.
Tips: You'll need a heavy mug or a flat surface! Plunging the Aeropress down requires a heavy mug or flat surface!

French Press - When one cup just won't do

We like:
How we brew:
Add one tablespoon of grounds per cup. Boil one cup of water per serving, then let it cool for 30 seconds. Pour half the water into your press. Let the bloom for one minute. Add the rest of the water, then let it steep for at least three minutes. The longer you let it steep, the stronger your coffee will be. Gently press the plunger as far as it will go. Pour your coffee into a mug and enjoy.

Tips: You will need more coffee grounds for your coarse grind!


Pour over stand - Slow and steady

We like:
How we brew:
Using either a paper or cloth filter, fill with coffee grounds and place over your cup. Heat your water until nearly boiling and then slowly pour into the filter in a circular motion. A kettle that can pour a smooth and steady stream of water without dribbling is critical for pour-over. 

Tips: Takes some practice to get a consistent brew, but we all have to start somewhere!  


We like: 
We look for: 
Your manual coffee grinder should be compact for storage. If your grinder comes with a storage lid, then it serves two purposes! Also, look out for adjustable settings so you can brew the best cup by your preferred brewing method.
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