September 02, 2021

Majority of us had to adjust to working from home, which means a significant improvement on coffee, an obvious investment on pajamas, and a stable morning routine. Here are five useful things I needed to make my at-home coffee routine into a morning routine that just stuck:

  1. Diner Mugs 
    Be reminded to pour heavy and drink slowly. Bring the classic diner mug with a twist into your coffee routine. The insulating properties of the ceramic mug are an added bonus too!
  2. Mug warmer 
    Keep your coffee warm. Warm enough to get off that Zoom call and actually enjoy your cup of joe. Get yourself a mug warmer with an automatic shut off and now we're talking. 
  3. Coffee Recipe Book
    The collection of Post-It's were not doing it anymore. A dedicated notebook or notepad with coffee recipes and ratios became a necessary item next to the coffee grinder. 
  4. Coffee Station Art
    If it's a quote or a framed picture, having a decorative and visually satisfying artwork in your coffee station really is the frosting on the cake. Here are some local artists that sit on our coffee station. 
    Department of Brewology - Filter Coffee Not People Print
    Coffee Flavor Wheel Art 
  5. Coffee towel
    Messiness is welcomed. Hell, it's expected when making coffee. You have coffee grinds, stains, and the occasional water marks. A kitchen towel or an waffle textured towel is perfect. Elevate your cleanup with a microfiber that cleans up your coffee station without leaving any traces.