5 Roasts that Changed the way we Drank Coffee in 2019

5 Roasts that Changed the way we Drank Coffee in 2019

1. Modern Times - Heavy Weather (Winter Blend)

All Modern Times coffees (and beers) come with short description of just three notes. Heavy Weather’s notes are “Berry Jam, Apple Cider, Rum Cocktail.” How do these flavors function in coffee you wonder? Really well actually! There is certainly a sweetness from the Berry flavor, a bit of tartness from the apple cider, and a dark sugariness from the rum cocktail. We found this coffee to be quite potent. Mighty delicious. And a really unique taste. Heavy Weather is perfect for any chilly morning in the new year and truly one of the best coffees of 2019.

2. Moongoat - Friend Blend

While you don’t have to be a friend of the roasters to enjoy Moongoat’s friend blend, you will feel like one after you’ve tried it. Created originally for their local shop customers in hometown Costa Mesa, CA. This is simply one of the most flavorful coffees we have tasted in a long time. We recommend this in our subscription package to a lot of folks who prefer light roasts. 

3. RoosRoast - Lobster Butter Love

While this coffee has been one of our favorite roasts for a few years now, this year it really made my holiday season shine after finding a few bags in my parent’s house in Michigan, waiting for me in the pantry. It meant we could have great coffee throughout the trip. The darker roast of this coffee makes it perfect for those chilly snowy Michigan days. Lobster Butter Love was No Decaf Allowed’s best dark roast coffee of 2018.

4. TruBru -  Columbia Medium Roast

Have you ever longed for an upscale roast that brings you back to your favorite college coffee shop haunt? Well look no further than Tru Bru’s Columbia Medium Roast Coffee. It’s not too dark, not too light - a perfect medium roast to please the masses at any reasonable cafe. TruBru is one of our exclusive subscription partners. So order a bag. relax. stay a while. (Coffee shop banter not included). 

5. Chromatic Coffee - Keynote Blend

Keynote blend is a longtime favorite of ours. Some friends in San Francisco turned us on to this roaster and we ordered heavily throughout 2019. This is a fantastic light roast to get your morning started right with some nice notes of honey, caramel, and fudge. The bags also feature very fun drawings - our favorite being a very fun prince with his symbol guitar.

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