Notable - Special Edition Coffees and Treats

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A thoughtfully crafted note describing a unique feature of the coffee in the box has accompanied every shipment of NO DECAF ALLOWED coffee since the beginning. Originally a nice gesture our customers let us know these notes make the experience. Building on this we are launching Notable, a line of the most premium coffees our roasters have to offer. These are special edition, rare varieties, limited quantity micro-lots and whatever else the top roasters are seeking out to make their coffee special. With each shipment not only will the note be more in depth as to what makes this coffee special but we are launching an online message board to allow Notable members to discuss their notes on the coffee with other members of the collective. Additionally we are including a special treat selected to pair well with the coffee selection for the month and yes .. more notes on that.

The July Box will include: 

Moongoat's Nicaragua Natural - a coffee that easily cups at 88+ points and distinctly tastes of blueberry candy (yum).

2X Cocoa Parlor chocolate bars - both are organic vegan each will have a different cacao percentage (88% and 51%) so one is significantly more bitter and one more sweet. Develop your sense of sweetness by using these bars for bookends and figuring where this Fruity Natural fits on the scale.